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How to import mining / staking income
How to import mining / staking income
Written by Robin Singh
Updated over a week ago

Adding income is fairly easy.

  • If you are staking on an exchange like Binance or Kraken then Koinly can import and tag your staking rewards automatically.

  • If you are mining with a pool such as Nicehash then you can download your transactions file from there and import it into Koinly.

  • Similarly, if you are earning interest on BlockFi, Nexo etc, simply download your transactions file from the service and import it to Koinly.

  • If you are mining directly on a blockchain then follow the instructions below

For more info on Staking and how to import it, see Staking and farming tokens

Importing mining income automatically from Bitcoin, BCH, LTC etc

  1. Go to the Wallets page

  2. Click on the Blockchains tab

  3. Select BTC (or the coin you are mining)

  4. Click on Setup auto-sync

  5. Enter your public key or address into the address field

  6. Set the "Tag deposits as" field to Mining as seen below. This will automatically tag all incoming deposits into this wallet as Mining income. You should only do this if the wallet is exclusively used for mining and there are no other deposits

Importing mining income from unsupported blockchains

If you are mining/staking on an unsupported blockchain then you can either try to export a file with your transactions from whichever wallet you are using to monitor your income or you can create a custom csv file with your transactions. Just make sure you set the "Tag" column to mining or reward so the incoming transactions get tagged properly.

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