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How to import data from unsupported exchanges/wallets/services/coins
How to import data from unsupported exchanges/wallets/services/coins
Written by Robin Singh
Updated over a week ago

If Koinly doesn't have an integration with one of the exchanges/wallets you're using, you can still import your data by preparing your own CSV or adding the transactions manually.

There are a few ways to import data from unsupported sources:

  1. Check if your exchange or wallet offers a way to export your transaction history in CSV/Excel format. This is the preferred method of importing data to Koinly but not all services offer this feature.
    If you are able to export a file then you can try importing that to Koinly. If the file does not import then that means it is not supported by Koinly yet. You can click on 'Map File' and then on the 'Request help' to request that we add support for this file. You can also follow this guide to change your file into a format that Koinly can import:
    ​How to fix invalid/unsupported CSV files

  2. If your wallet/exchange does not offer any CSV files then you can create a custom CSV file for your data. This article explains how to create a custom CSV file:
    ​How to create a custom CSV file

  3. Alternatively, you could also add your transactions directly to Koinly using the interface. This method is the simplest but will be time-consuming if you have a lot of transactions to add (creating a custom CSV file is usually faster).
    ​How to add transactions to Koinly manually

How to add a custom wallet to Koinly

  1. Go to the Wallets page and click on Add Wallet / Exchange

  2. Type in the name of your wallet in the search bar

  3. Click on the Create custom 'XYZ' wallet link

  4. Select how you want to import data - you can either upload a spreadsheet or add it manually

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