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Settings > Lock transaction history
Settings > Lock transaction history
Written by Robin Singh
Updated over a week ago

Why should I add a transaction history lock?

If you have already downloaded and filed your tax reports for any prior years, then you may want to lock your transaction history on Koinly in order to avoid any accidental changes to your data.

The transaction lock will prevent any changes to your transaction history, including

  • editing existing transactions

  • adding new transactions

  • deleting existing transactions

This will ensure that no changes are made to your history, so your tax calculations will not change if you accidentally delete/add/edit old transactions.
If you do wish to amend your past transaction history then you can always remove the transaction lock or change the date of the lock.

How do I add a transaction lock?

You can find the transaction lock in your portfolio settings

Simply select a date from the dropdown and all transactions before that date will be locked. You will only be able to add/edit/delete transactions that are taking place after and on this date. The exact lock time is midnight in your local timezone (as per your Settings).

🟦 Example: If you live in the US in the EST timezone and want to lock your 2023 tax year data, you should set the lock date as Jan 1st, 2024. If you do:

  • You will no longer be able to import/edit transactions happening before 2023-31-12 23:59 EST, which is 2024-01-01 05:00 UTC

  • You will still be able to edit and import transactions happening after 2023-31-12 23:59 EST, which is 2024-01-01 05:00 UTC


If I add a transaction lock, will my calculations for past years ever change?

The transaction lock will not lock the calculations or tax reports. The lock will only affect the transactions themselves, so the tax calculations will be affected if you change any of your settings. If you don't change any of your settings, then the results of the calculations will not change, even if a recalculation is triggered.

What time/timezone is used for the transaction lock?

Transaction will be locked starting from 00:00 on the selected date, and is based on your selected timezone for the reports.

If you have selected the EST (UTC-5:00) timezone, and added a lock for transactions prior to January 1st, then you will still be able to edit transactions that are taking place between 00:00 and 5:00 on January 1st, since these transactions will be taking place on December 31st in your local timezone.

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