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eToro: Not all transactions are imported
eToro: Not all transactions are imported
Written by Robin Singh
Updated over a week ago

You can export an Excel file from eToro that includes all of your transaction history. This file is supported by Koinly but some things might be missing, such as:

Stocks and other non-crypto assets

Koinly supports some of the most common stocks, such as TSLA and GME, but most stocks and commodities will not be imported. Koinly is focused on crypto assets although we might add support for other asset classes in the future :)

Current crypto holdings

This limitation might be the most annoying one to deal with (and the most common).

eToro will report all of your closed positions (crypto that has already been sold) separately from the open positions (crypto that hasn't been sold yet).

Koinly can import all of the closed positions since all of the necessary information is provided in the file. Koinly can however not import the open positions simply due to the fact that the file does not contain the necessary information (the purchased amount is missing, only USD amount is reported)!

This means that your current assets will not be displayed in the wallet. Only the USD amount that was spent on the assets will be shown as a holding.

Do I need to fix this?

That depends...

Most countries will only tax your closed positions (realized gains) so your open positions will not be considered for tax purposes. Some countries do actually tax your current holdings so if that's the case in your country then you should add the missing purchases. See How to add transactions manually

You can of course add the purchases if you want to see your current holdings for portfolio tracking purposes.

Transfers to the eToro wallet are reported as Withdrawals

This is something we are aware of and will hopefully be fixed soon.

This happens because the eToro file will actually report this as a sale (position being closed) and the USD amount received from the sale will be reported as being withdrawn. You can fix this by editing the Sale of your crypto and deleting the 'Received' part by clicking on the small trash icon. This will change the transaction into a Withdrawal. You can then delete the Withdrawal of USD if necessary.

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