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How to select a specific NFT
How to select a specific NFT
Written by Robin Singh
Updated over a week ago

If you are trying to add an NFT transaction manually or want to search for a specific NFT on the Transactions page then you will notice that it's difficult to find the specific NFT that you want to select.

In order to search for NFTs on the Add/Edit Transaction page, you will need to type in the ID of the NFT as described below.

Ex: Searching for Cryptokitties results in a list of 70,000 tokens. Note that all of the different NFTs share the same address since they are from the same collection:


You can now search for a specific NFT by searching for the NFT ticker and then writing the ID of the NFT, separated by a # symbol:

[NFT] #[token ID]

The ID of your NFT can be found on the block explorers if you don't know it. Every NFT within a specific collection will have a unique ID.

🟑 Note: For an NFT to be searchable in Koinly it needs to be synced with our database at least once by someone. Usually, this means that your initial sync was incomplete and if you resync your wallet from the beginning the NFT will show up in the search results

πŸ”΅ Example:

If I wanted to search for my NFT called Cryptokitties with the ID 999914 then I would need to locate the ID of the NFT by checking the explorer or my wallet.
I then type in the ticker/symbol of the NFT and the ID, like this:
​"CK #999914"

It is also possible to search only for the token ID but this is only useful if the ID is long since common IDs will result in a lot of matches:

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